Balance it out.

We all know the feeling, the sense that we aren’t quite in sync with how we’d like to be. We may feel overburdened, caught unawares by life, or feel our activities don’t match our intended priorities.

When we have this sense, we’re likely out of balance in some aspect of our lives. We may be devoting more time than is healthy to certain interests or duties. Or we may be shorting ourselves on rest and self-care.

If we experience this feeling, it’s time for a self-evaluation. How are we spending our time and personal resources? Does that align with our goals and values?

Are we making choices for ourselves? Or are we allowing others to make them for us? Are our choices positive ones? Do they help us create the life we want?

Do we have good self-care practices? If not, why not? If we do have them, are we following them most of the time? Again, if not, why not?

Once we’ve figured out where we’re out of alignment, we can figure out a strategy for getting ourselves back in better balance.

Today’s message advises me it’s time to take stock of my daily routines. When I make sure that as much time as possible is devoted to activities that matter to me or support my well-being, I’ll find it easier to be in good balance.

Please reflect and share. Do you feel you’re in balance?