Be positive and expect help.

We all have a problem or two. Often, we’re searching for a solution to something we may not totally understand. This can leave us feeling adrift or even inadequate.

Looking forward, we may feel unsure that we’ll be able to work things out. We may even feel defeated in advance.

In feeling this way, we likely are ignoring our past track record. We’ve solved many a problem in our past. Sometimes things have turned out better than we’d expected. We may even have gotten unexpected help to get us past difficulties.

It’s reasonable to anticipate that we will find resolution for our current issues. It’s also very possible that we’ll receive help from an unforeseen source. We’ve been blessed in the past. Why wouldn’t we also be blessed in the future?

Today’s message reminds me that my track record for surviving life and moving past problems has been good to date. This trend is likely to continue for some time. If I’m positive and expect good things, it is also likely I’ll receive help when I need it most. Creation has my back.

Please reflect and share. Are you optimistic about getting past any current difficulties?