Do something creative—badly.

Some of us have creative hobbies or professions. Others of us don’t. But we all may realize the benefits of expressing ourselves creatively.

We may be afraid the try a new craft or creative medium because there’s a learning curve. It’s likely our first attempts may be amateurish.

And that’s where we can benefit from being bold about being bad. It’s okay to suck at something we try.

Our drawing may look like something we would have made at age 5. Our singing voice may be somewhat painful to listen to. We may not express ourselves in eloquent words. And that’s all okay.

In fact, it may be a very good thing to release our adult expectations and free ourselves to be creative as a little child is—messily and without inhibitions. In doing so, we just might tap into a precious and valuable aspect of ourselves we have kept long buried. Being creative badly can be healing.

Today’s message invites me to indulge in some messy creativity. I might not like the end result, but my inner child is likely to love the experience.

Please reflect and share. What might you try creating with childlike glee?