Fear can nullify luck.

Most of us have something we’d like to see in our lives that just hasn’t materialized. We dream of having it, and it hasn’t arrived.

It could be a relationship, a different career, a house, children, or financial security. We want it and we’re worried about what our future will look like if it never happens for us. And that fear of never achieving our desire might be exactly what prevents it from manifesting.

When we’re fearful—fear is usually an intense emotion—we put a lot of energy behind what we don’t want. What we’re visualizing to the quantum field is lack of what we do want. And we can manifest lack just as readily as we can fulfillment.

Today’s message reminds me to dissipate fear of lack whenever it arises. I can then replace it with a grateful appreciation for good things I have now and that will be coming my way in the future.

Please reflect and share. Do you worry about what you don’t have?