Abundance is about being.

We all would enjoy being prosperous and abundant. To have enough, to have more than enough, to feel fulfilled and satisfied—who wouldn’t want that?

Often, we may think of abundance in terms of what we have materially. Bank accounts, houses, vehicles, and jewelry are a few items we equate with being rich.

But being prosperous is about much more than material possessions. It’s about living a rich and satisfying life. And we can have that without having a lot of material wealth. That’s not to say we cannot or should not be wealthy, just that we don’t need wealth to be happy.

We can live an abundant life by being wealthy in experience. New and exciting things or situations, deeper understanding and appreciation for the folks and things we have in our lives, gratitude for the opportunity to simply be alive and chart our course through an existence with a myriad of possibilities—all these are ways to be wealthy that don’t necessarily involve accumulating lots of monetary assets.

They key to a lifetime of abundance is gratitude. Thankfulness unlocks our ability to appreciate and love what is. And when we’re happy and cheerful and grateful, life is more inclined to give us more of what we enjoy.

Today’s message, courtesy of my passed cat Shaman, reminds me that everything in life (and death) is a form of abundance, when properly viewed. Abundance is an innate part of my nature which I unlock by being grateful.

Please reflect and share. What do you think of as abundance?