Strength flows.

Strength is something we aspire to. Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual—there are ways to be strong in each of these realms.

Often, we may think of strength as our power to endure and resist difficulty. We push back against oppression. We muscle through hard circumstances mentally, power through physical challenges, endure emotional traumas, and use our connection to Spirit to hold firm.

Each of these responses is a form of resistance to what’s occurring. We feel we need to overcome what is. This resistance often requires considerable energy of us.

When we flow—whether mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, or on all of these levels—we allow ourselves to be diverted by the obstacle. We’re not stopped, we just accept what is and go around the barrier. We keep our natural momentum but our direction is, perhaps temporarily, changed.

Today’s message reminds me that flow is the strength to make the best of what is and keep moving, keep changing, keep learning. When I flow, I grow.

Please reflect and share. In what recent situation of you engaged in the power of flow?