Change is useful.

Most of us try to avoid change when possible. We strive to get our lives the way we want them to be and then work to avoid any changes to them.

We want to protect our desired status quo. We develop routines and habits. We buy insurance policies. We invest a lot of time and effort trying to preserve things as they are.

Although we may not wish to admit it, many of the good things in our lives came about as a result of change. Often that change was unasked for.

Change will come unbidden or when pursued. It doesn’t care whether we invite it in or not. It will find us and visit when it wishes.

When we try to see change as a natural evolutionary process in our lives, it may be easier to accept. We’re part of the planet and it’s our natural cycle to evolve and change and for life to do so along with us.

Today’s message invites me to celebrate the benefits of change. When I am willing to flex with changes, my life flows more easily.

Please reflect and share. What is your relationship with change?