Receive and be grateful.

Sometimes we seem to make things happen. Other times they seem to happen to us. What is certain is that something new is always occurring. Often it is to our benefit.

Even in small ways, positive and novel events occur daily. We choose a different flavor of coffee. It’s good! We receive an unexpected check in the mail. Yippee! We see an unfamiliar and colorful species of bird outside. How lovely! We try a new recipe. It’s tasty!

Often, we’re so caught up in the future that we ignore these blessings and don’t pay them much heed. There is, however, a continual flow of the positive in our lives. We just need to pay attention.

When we notice the everyday blessings and are grateful for them, our lives seem more fulfilling and varied. It’s good to be alive!

Today’s message reminds me to magnify the beauty of small, good things through appreciation. The more I am aware of and appreciate the bounty in my life, the richer I feel.

Please reflect and share. What small blessing are you experiencing right now?