Choose your fortune.

Many of us read our horoscopes. Some of us get psychic readings or tarot cards readings. We’re curious and sometimes concerned about what may happen to us in the future.

We hope what we hear will be good. If it is, we may be reassured, mostly. If our fortune is ill-favored, we’re unlikely to disregard it. We may worry and fret, waiting to the ill to befall us.

Here’s a thought—let’s write our own favorable fortune and then look for signs and portents supporting our happy vision. Even better, why don’t we take positive actions and hold confident images to help bring about what we desire.

Today’s message came on a dare from my partner Nate Hall. We had Chinese food with a friend last night. When it came time to open my fortune cookie, a string of attached fortunes unspooled in my hand.

Nate challenged me to make the incident a blog topic. I laughed and then heard today’s key phrase in my head: “Choose your fortune.”

And why not? Why wouldn’t I believe in the most positive and exciting fortune for myself? Today I choose: “Every person is the architect of his own fortune.”

Please reflect and share. Which of the fortunes from my picture resonates for you and why?

Choose your fortune