Whisper to yourself.

We think about ourselves more than we think about anyone else. That’s only normal. We’re the only person we live with one hundred percent of the time.

So, a large portion of our thoughts are about ourselves. We frequently evaluate, judge, and spur ourselves on mentally. Occasionally, we praise ourselves or offer ourselves positive encouragement.

However, much of our self-talk is about how we currently could or should do something other than what we are presently doing/thinking/saying. Another large portion of our self-talk involves retrospective about what we’ve already said, thought or done, again usually in a negative vein.

Often, we’re angry with ourselves. Our mental tone of voice may be loud or shrill. Mostly it isn’t soft, gentle, or compassionate.

How might our lives be different if we change the nature and tone of our self-talk? What if we treated ourselves lovingly and with understanding? What if our mental words toward ourselves were encouraging and supportive? What might happen if we whispered kindly to ourselves, praising what we do well and offering support when we’re faltering?

Today’s message suggests I could benefit from more positive self-talk. When I take and gentle and caring tone with myself, my self-image and quality of life will get a happy boost.

Please reflect and share. How might your own self-talk involve kindly whisperings to yourself?