Money can’t make you happy.

Many of us think about money fairly often. We budget, hope for salary raises, and long for items we may not be able to afford. Unless we’re affluent, we may feel that we would be happier if we only had a little more wealth.

It is true that struggling without sufficient funds to cover basic needs can be a very real thing for some of us. It’s also true that money can only buy things and experiences.

How we perceive and feel about our stuff and experiences is what actually makes us happy. Fully enjoying and being grateful for what we do have is more likely to make us happy than having more money.

Today’s message invites me to mentally list off all the ways I’m currently wealthy—in physical well-being, in caring companions and friends, in having plenty to eat and drink, in having safe shelter, in having leisure and the means to enjoy my time. Life provides abundantly for me, even if I might think I need more.

Please reflect and share. How do money and happiness relate for you?