Allow yourself to be blessed.

We all want good things to happen for us. Many of us feel we need to help this occur by stage managing things to our benefit.

We watch, we pray, we visualize, and all too often we also fret. If the process doesn’t go exactly as we think it should, we may become anxious. Delays, in particular, can feel perturbing.

It can help to remember that divine timing is almost always different than our ideally visualized flow chart. There are likely factors at play of which we’re not aware.

Slowdowns, detours, and alternate paths may even be in our best interests. We simply may not be aware of all the underlying reasons.

Today’s message reminds me that I don’t need to stage manage serendipity. Creation has my back—I’m an inseparable part of it, after all—and it helps when I’m willing to receive.

Please reflect and share. Do you try to control the flow of your blessings?