Kindness begets wisdom.

All of us perform kind acts from time to time. Each of us has an altruistic side. Some of us may have consciously worked to nurture that part of ourselves, but we all have the capacity to be kind.

Kindness opens our hearts to others. It can encourage us to look on the recipient of our kindness favorably.

The compassion which incites our benevolence aligns us more closely with the divine principle of Creation. We see something or someone outside of ourselves in the same loving and accepting way that the divine principle does. We view them through the eyes of love.

By expanding our perceptions to be more in tune with the divine principle of Creation, we also find it easier to shrug off our defenses, prejudices. and judgements. We learn to see life in a more spiritual way. Being kind helps us become wiser.

Today’s message encourages me to place more personal focus on kindness. When I am benevolent, I represent a wiser version of myself.

Please reflect and share. How does being kind help you?