Permission implies control.

We sometimes feel we need another’s approval to act. We seek permission to do or not do what we wish.

This is a reality for minor children, employees, and the incarcerated. Others can have legal say-so over our actions. We also have societal laws to help protect the well-being of others.

However, often we may seek permission from spouses, friends, and family to do what feels right to us. If the conversation about what we intend to do is informational rather than a request, that’s appropriate. Or if we look to change a previously stated stance, it may be prudent to discuss first rather than spring a surprise.

In the end, other than legal obligations, only we have authority over our own deeds. We are the arbiters of what is right and good for us.

Today’s message reminds me I’m in charge of my own choices. That being said, I’ll want to make sure I choose with a wise heart.

Please reflect and share. Do you look to others for approval?