Stretch your perception.

We all live in worlds of our own creation. What we believe, think, and feel colors how we receive life experience.

If we expect that things are a certain way, we’re not likely to see them differently. Our perception of reality tends to conform to what we think it is.

If we’re struggling with a situation on or are disappointed in life in general, the easiest way to change that is to alter our perceptions. When we view our experiences in a new way, our reactions to them change as well.

A simple path to changing our perceptions is practicing gratitude. If we find something, anything to be grateful for in most moments of the day, we’ll be happier overall. When we’re thankful and content, life has a way of seeming different to us. It’s better somehow.

Today’s message suggests I can use gratitude to change my perception of something that’s been troubling me. When I’m thankful, there is less room in me to be puzzled, worried, or dissatisfied. Gratitude can improve how I receive life.

Please reflect and share. How might you stretch your perception?