Others’ perceptions don’t affect us.

We all have our unique takes on reality. Looking at the same experience, what you see is different than what I see. And neither and both of us are right.

The disparity between our perceptions can sometimes trouble us. We may wonder how others can be so wrong-headed about what they believe. Surely, our awareness is true and accurate, and others must be confused.

The less we worry about and ponder what others experience and believe, the happier we will be. We’ll never affect another’s perception. And their perception will never really affect us either.

The only take on reality that truly matters is ours. And we may wish to recognize that even our own grasp of existence is partial and subject to change.

Today’s message reminds me that what others think and experience really is none of my business. Placing my focus on my own perceptions and whether they benefit me is the better use of my attention.

Please reflect and share. How easy is it for you to detach from others’ perceptions?