Beauty in everything.

Sometimes the world, circumstances, or a being is ugly to us. Our society can seem cruel, events can feel hard, and we can have a hateful reaction to some poor creature.

It can seem like there is ugliness around us, but the real cause may be ugliness inside of us. When we hold dislike, hate, and a sense of separation in our hearts, it’s easier for us to find and label things as ugly.

In divine reality, everything—yes, everything in Creation—is divinely interconnected in conscious love. All is equal and holds a splinter of the divine. This can at times be hard for us to recognize, but our difficulties show us where our beliefs blind us to the eternal truth.

Today’s message invites me to look for beauty around me at all times. When I see beauty in myself and in all of Creation, I am more consciously connected in the divine whole.

Please reflect and share. What challenges your sense of beauty today?