Sometimes we need a little help.

We all struggle a bit from time to time. Health problems, mental and emotional issues, or financial shortages all can cause us to be subpar.

We aren’t broken or failures. We may just need a little help to make it over the hump. Some well-timed assistance can help us rally round.

We may be the one who is struggling. In this case, there is no shame is asking for or receiving help. Having to sometimes rely on others is part of the human condition.

When another around us is struggling, we can neutrally offer what assistance we feel moved to give. This will certainly be more effective in helping the other than our judgment would be.

Today’s message reminds me that we are interconnected in the web of life. Creation. This interconnection implies a flow between all of Creation. In being willing to both give and receive, I honor divine Creation.

Please reflect and share. Are you comfortable both giving and receiving?