Marry the spiritual and the physical.

We all have a physical existence in this third-dimensional reality. Many of us also have a spiritual connection. We may be religious, contemplative, meditational, or metaphysical.

However, we often deal with these two aspects of ourselves separately. We live our daily lives, with pauses to honor our spirituality.

We think of ourselves as physical beings who aspire to be spiritually elevated. In reality, we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical existence.

Our sweet spot, so to speak, is when we are both physical and spiritual at the same time, most of the time. When we spiritualize the material and materialize the spiritual, we honor both aspects of ourselves. We need to be fully connected with both sides of our nature to have a satisfying and abundant life on all levels.

Today’s message invites me to marry the divine and the human within me. When I allow both aspects of myself to guide my life and choices, I fulfill my life purpose no matter what I am doing.

Please reflect and share. Do you honor both the physical and the spiritual within yourself?