Realizations come when we’re ready for them.

Often, we come to a sudden realization. A concept or understanding can elude us and then instantly we get it. It’s the proverbial forehead slap. How could we not have known this previously?

The simple answer is that on some level, we weren’t able or prepared to receive that particular truth. We had a conceptual or emotional block preventing us from arriving at that conclusion. When we worked around or broke through the obstacle to our understanding—hey presto!—our take on reality shifted.

The important point here is not to beat ourselves up for not getting it sooner. We just weren’t ready to do so. Just as we wouldn’t be able to run a marathon without the proper training and preparation, we can’t move into new conceptual territory with building up to it first.

Today’s message reminds me that my conception of life expands as I do. I can seek further understanding by expanding my overall consciousness, but I can’t push the river. I will hit key realizations when I’m prepared to do safely do so.

Please reflect and share. Are you on the verge of a key realization?