The wind is wise.

When we look for gurus and teachers, we tend to think of other humans. We most often choose to emulate people we admire or find to be successful.

It’s rare that we go outside of our species to find teachers. But sometimes, we can see the positive qualities in our pets or wild animals and wish to emulate them.

Forces of nature may not even occur to us as repositories of wisdom. But all of Creation is conjoined divine consciousness, so wisdom can be found in unexpected ways. The wind is one example.

Wind is neutral and equal opportunity. It affects all in its path without judging. It is generally humble, and it usually can be identified only by its interactions with other things, being largely invisible.

While wind can rage and be destructive, more often it plays a benevolent role. Gentle breezes cool us in summer and help pollinate plants. Wind also carries precipitation to our area, bringing much needed and regular life-giving moisture.

We can harness the power of wind to produce energy. It also helps cleanse us and our environment.

Today’s message invites me to learn from the wind. My true power lies in the benevolent effects I have in life.

Please reflect and share. What might the wind teach you?