Our beliefs often limit us.

Often in life, we may think that outside factors are the major limitations to our goals and dreams. We feel that economic conditions, health issues, time constraints, and obligations to others prevents us from achieving or having what we want.

And certainly, external situations can present complexities and complications to our progress. We can struggle to work around them or may even give up in the face of the challenges.

But something is never really so for us unless we believe it is so. Our belief in it makes it real. If we believe a situation will be difficult to deal with, it most certainly will be. Our belief in our limitations—not qualified, limited experience, not good enough, not talented—will reinforce our behavior and capabilities to be in line with what we think is real. We tend to live up or down to our own self-beliefs.

Today’s message encourages me to look at my belief patterns when I think something is not achievable or may present significant challenges. I owe myself my full support by believing in myself.

Please reflect and share. Do your self-beliefs help or hinder you?