Our love makes us feel safe.

We’ve all experienced times in life when we were scared or felt unsafe. Perhaps something difficult happened to us, something that frightened or hurt us.

This type of experience leaves an impression on us and affects our mindset. We may become less trusting and more fearful, both in the present day and when contemplating the future.

Even though we understand logically that the scary event isn’t happening now, it can be hard to shake its aftereffects on our psyche. We may tend to filter our perception through the lens of this occurrence.

When we think of comfort in the face of such a circumstance, we likely may picture being loved and tended by someone we feel safe to be around. This could be a parent, a loved one, a close friend, or a romantic partner. But wrapped up in the sense of their love, we can feel able to decompress from the frightening event.

In seeking this type of comfort, we may forget that it also can be found in other ways. Love—divine love—is always around us. We were created in love and are inseparable from it. Because this is true, love is always inside of us as well. Our love, for ourselves as well as for others, connects us in safe and supporting web of interconnected consciousness.

Today’s message invites me, whenever I might be afraid, to think of something or someone I love and then amp up the love. When my heart is full of love, there is no room for fear.

Please reflect and share. Does love banish your fears?