We’re often wrong where we are afraid.

None of us is infallible. We make accidental mistakes, errors in judgment, and ill-chosen decisions. We all mess up from time to time.

We may cite any number of reasons for our mistakes—lack of relevant information, feeling pushed to act, misunderstanding circumstances, wanting the approval of others—but we may not consider that at the root of it all is fear.

Fear can wear a variety of guises. We can want others to like us or act in the heat of the moment. Worry that we will lose out can push us to make a hasty decision. Or we may misinterpret the situation because it erroneously reminds us of a past negative event.

Today’s message reminds me to pause when I feel pressed to act or decide. If I ask myself “What am I afraid of?”, I can identify any possible fears that could cloud my thought processes. My best decisions are made free of fear.

Please reflect and share. What roles does fear have in your decision-making process?