We understand what we wish to believe.

There are some things in life we grasp easily and others that we struggle to comprehend. Many things may seem logical or natural to others, while other things seem foreign and sometimes inconceivable.

When a concept or situation is outside of our norms, the gap is more pronounced. We can’t seem to wrap our head around things that are beyond our experience or belief systems.

And that doesn’t make the concepts untrue. We are simply having a hard time getting them. They’re so foreign to us and our way of thinking, that we aren’t able to process them.

Sometimes, life presents us with something we’d rather not believe to be true. It can challenge our firmly held beliefs, leading us to reject it emotionally. And we won’t ever fully understand something we’re unwilling to view as potentially true.

Today’s message suggests that if I struggle to understand a scenario or concept, I may wish to look at how it challenges my belief systems. The more open my mind is, the easier it will be for me to understand circumstances outside of my usual experience.

Please reflect and share. How might you benefit from holding your beliefs a little less rigidly?