Our fear holds us back more than anything else.

All of us have things we would like to do but haven’t done. And we all have reasons why those things can’t be done. We may feel we’re not ready or skilled enough, don’t have the needed funds, don’t have the time required, are being blocked by other people, etc.

If we’re honest with ourselves, all of the reasons we cite could be overcome with some effort on our part. We often simply don’t get started. And that’s because, on some level, we’re afraid.

Our fear whispers to us all the reasons why we’re not good enough, strong enough, don’t have the time or means, or will never measure up to our own or others’ expectations. Fear holds us trapped and inert and then uses our inaction to justify our self-worth issues.

And that is because we believe our fear. We could as easily choose to believe optimism and positivity, but that is less dramatic and could result in some effort being required of us. Although less comfortable, it can feel easier to give in to the fear.

Today’s message suggests I may wish to disinvite fear from my party. Prudence and respect for difficult and dangerous situations are healthy for me. Fear that holds me back is not. When I substitute optimism for fear, I become my best ally rather than my worst enemy.

Please reflect and share. How has fear held you stuck?