Judgment creates imperfection.

Most of us have an idea of what perfection might mean to us—the perfect partner, the perfect child, the perfect pet, the perfect job, the perfect vacation, the perfect physical appearance, the perfect piece of art or literature.

This leaves us always striving and often dissatisfied. Reality and our idea of perfection never quite meet.

Perfection does, however, exist. In divinely interconnected existence, everyone and everything is perfect, just as it is.

But our ideas of perfection prevent us from realizing this. We’re so entrenched in our concepts of perfection that we cannot recognize it right in front of us.

When we’re willing to entertain the idea that life right here and now is perfect, we open ourselves to greater appreciation and satisfaction. When we cease to compare and struggle, we’re happier.

Today’s message asks me to see the perfection of now. When I love what is, I love myself and all of life freely.

Please reflect and share. What is your take on perfection?