We usually get what we expect.

There are occasions when events in life surprise us. We’re caught unaware by unpleasant circumstances. Or, hopefully, we’re gifted with an unexpected bonus.

But often, things turn out as we anticipate. We may feel a situation will end badly and it does. Or we may have a strong positive sense around an outcome, and it doesn’t disappoint. Our expectations are confirmed by what does occur.

Yes, certainly we may have had an intuitive sense of what was coming. But we also may have influenced the results with our mindset. We need to be aware that we are conscious co-creators and Creation responds to our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and visualizations through the quantum field.

If we obsess about a negative outcome, we make it more likely to happen. Conversely, if we focus on a positive result, we make it easier for it to occur.

Today’s message reminds me to expect good things. When I keep my outlook cheerful and positive, Creation is happy to respond similarly.

Please reflect and share. Do you usually get what you expect?