Connection heals misperceptions.

Although we’re often convinced that we are right, we frequently are mistaken, at least partially. We interpret reality though our personal lens of perception—our beliefs, thoughts, and experience. While this can work well for us in some cases, we don’t live in a vacuum. We interact with other beings, all of whom have their own take on reality, which seldom matches ours.

In divine reality, we all are interconnected in Creation. We may believe we are alone and separate, but in truth we are part of an indivisible divine whole, along with every being and every thing.

In order to interact successfully and happily with the rest of Creation (which is our whole point for being here), we benefit from recognizing our interconnection with others. When we can understand what they may be experiencing and feeling, even if it doesn’t match our own sentiments and experience, we develop much needed empathy.

Today’s message invites me to up my empathetic quotient. When I can accept others’ truths, especially when they don’t jive with mine, I can see them more clearly. I see them through the lens of their experience rather than through the lens of my own life. Seeing others as they are rather than as I believe they are or want them to be, I am free to love them more completely.

Please reflect and share. What can you do to improve the clarity of your perceptions?