Necessity spurs creativity.

We’ve all been in situations that push us to take actions beyond our normal range. We feel stressed, uncertain, and outside of our comfort zones. This last isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It can be easy to go along in a comfortable rut. We feel okay with how things are and may even enjoy them. But we aren’t growing or learning. When circumstances force us to change, we are pressed to master new ways of being. We’re challenged to use different skillsets and attitudes. We have to get creative.

In tapping into our creativity, we expand our ways of thinking and behaving. We become more flexible in our perceptions and can react more fluidly. Because what is forces us to shift, we become freer in ourselves.

Today’s message reminds me that being pushed to change is always for my benefit. When circumstances compel me to expand, I gain in my ability to enjoy and appreciate life more fully.

Please reflect and share? How has adversity made you a finer person?