Rearrange what isn’t working.

We often do things a certain way. It may be because our approach was successful in the past, or because our mother always did it that way, or because we heard about it online, or because our loved ones have a vested interest in wanting things a certain way. As long as the results of our method are good, nothing seems to need to change.

However, we are creatures of habit. We may tend to continue doing things that certain way long after it has ceased to work well. The degradation may have been gradual, and we may not have noticed until things became nearly unworkable. Anger and frustration may ensue when we realize a change is needed.

In our upset, we may want to wipe the slate clean and start over. And sometimes this is the best approach. But often things merely need to be tweaked to become functional and satisfying again. We don’t need to toss out the furniture, we just need to rearrange it.

Today’s message invites me to deal kindly with things that no longer work for me. When I review all the moving parts of a situation, I can identify which ones are most stuck. Adjusting those aspects may be enough to free up the entire situation, allowing it to reform itself in a new and beneficial way. I can handle any needed changes to my life with grace and ease.

Please reflect and share. Do you have a heavy-handed approach to change?