How we are inside is how the world looks to us.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Sometimes we feel out of sorts with the world. It can seem hard, cruel, or downright challenging. People and events can get to us until we just want to escape from it all. Yet, if we withdraw nothing seems to change.

The problem is that we want what’s outside of us to alter while we stay the same. And the issue is really our perception and focus, which come from inside us. If we want to see change in the world, it has to start with us.

Today’s message advises that I project my self-beliefs out onto the world. The more i see myself as whole, complete, positive, and beautiful, the more I’ll find those qualities in life around me. I choose my worldview base on how I love myself.

How about you? Do your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs affect your reality?