Love creates beauty.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Most of us would says we’d like more beauty in our lives. There seems to be too much in life that is humdrum, mundane, or even downright ugly. Inspiring people and experiences seem to be lacking much of the time.

When we experience beauty, we feel love and appreciation, but we may fail to realize that our love also creates beauty. Just as divine love generates the beauty that is Creation, we also engender the beauty we behold in beings, things, and events by loving them. Our love is the special sauce that can make anything in life feel magical.

Today’s message reminds me that if I feel jaded about life, I can shift my experience by loving more freely. When I struggle with a person or situation, I can look for some aspect to love. By loving more readily, I find more beauty in life.

How about you? How do love and beauty relate to each other for you?