Waiting works best when it is not a focused activity.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Waiting is part of our third-dimensional human condition. There’s always something we want or anticipate that hasn’t manifested yet in the current moment. We try to be patient, to allow things to unfold. We wait.

Often the process takes longer than we might wish. We become impatient. Waiting feels like a waste of time. We imagine all the things we could be doing instead…and we wait.

Today’s message advises me that impatient waiting implies a lack of trust. I will be happier if I engage in a pleasurable or useful activity and allow things to ripen at their natural pace. Patience will allow me to enjoy another experience while my desired or expected outcome completes itself. Waiting works best for me as a background subroutine.

How about you? Do you wait patiently?