Integrity is a form of self-love.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

We’ve all had a decision we’ve made or an action we’ve taken that just doesn’t sit right with us. It’s uncomfortable and we may or may not be able to undo it. We may try to justify our behavior to ourselves so we can feel better. But still…

Our discomfort arises when we do or say things that aren’t in alignment with our true nature. We may behave uncharacteristically for a variety of reasons—to fit in with others, because it requires less effort, to meet others’ expectations, or because there is an related gain for us. Our choice to do so may seem easier, but we pay an associated price in not feeling comfortable with ourselves.

Today’s message asks me to understand that when I act outside of integrity, I am rejecting part of myself. In honoring my beliefs, values, and feelings in what I say and do, I accept myself fully. Integrity is a way of loving my essential self completely.

How about you? What does integrity mean to you?