Preparation distracts us.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Anticipation of events, particularly ones involving a change in life status, tends to have us fretting over details. We’re nervous and advance tasks can consume our focus, giving us something hopefully constructive to do. We may feel the stress less if we’re absorbed in getting ready.

The preparation often is helpful or necessary, however it also can mask our feeling about the impending event. Fear, doubt, joy, nervousness, and happy anticipation all can be damped down by the details. Getting ready can serve as a way to avoid our emotions.

Today’s message asks me to step back and own my emotions, if I become consumed by preparations. Ignoring how I feel could result in issues coming out sideways during the event itself. When I deal with my feelings as they arise naturally, I eliminate the risk of being blind sided. In this way, the self-care of tending to my emotions is another form of preparation.

How about you? Do you ever bury your emotions with busyness?