Where we are now offer the greatest opportunities.

We want to make the best lives we can for ourselves. Capitalizing on circumstances and positioning ourselves to thrive is important in that effort. However, our focus on past event or future possibilities can prevents us from leveraging opportunities in the present.

Rehashing the past keeps us stuck replaying events we can’t go back and change. Reviewing the past can be helpful but we must be prepared to actually let it go.

Thinking about the future and positing potential outcomes—positive or negative—prevents us from being in action mode. Visualization is an important and effective tool, but it must be coupled with willingness to act.

Now is the only time in which we can take steps and affect outcomes. The present moment is what we have to work with.

Today’s message reminds me that I can make a difference right now. As I am, with what I have, wherever I’m at, I can creative positive things for myself and others. The present moment is my point of power.

How about you? How do you feel about your possibilities right now?