A new approach may or may not succeed but it will always teach us.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

When faced with addressing an issue or project, we have four possible options: do nothing, employ a previously failed tactic, use a strategy we’ve known to be successful in the past, or try something different.

The first two—doing nothing and trying something known to fail—aren’t long-term viable. That leaves two practical options: attempting to recreate a previous win and experimenting with something new.

A tried and true approach might help ensure success in this attempt, but it limits us longer-term. If our strategy works reasonably well, we may never leave that comfort zone. We risk being limited to what is familiar.

A new approach might be risky. It could fail to deliver the desired results. Conversely, it also could surpass our expectations. The result is likely somewhere between these two outcomes. But one thing is certain—in trying something new we will learn from our attempt.

Today’s message invites me to be more willing to risk untested options. I can start smaller and try alternative means in lower-impact scenarios. This will build my confidence and risk tolerance. I increase the possibility of winning big by taking tactical risks.

How about you? Do you like trying new things?