Think clearly; speak clearly; feel clearly.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Clear communication and honesty go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, we may sometimes shy away from being honest. Our feelings may seem to us to be unacceptable to others. We may worry that our truth could offend others.

We also may avoid being honest with ourselves. Rationalizing our beliefs and actions, we may find they are more palatable or defensible to ourselves. And we may not be open to our real feelings, covering fear with anger or burying sadness with busyness. Shame can underlie our behavior without us being aware of it.

Today’s message advises me that clarity is priceless. Life is simpler when honest and clear expression govern my feelings, thoughts, and statements. When I am honest, direct, and kind with myself and other, everything is easier.

How about you? Is clarity important to you?