Inspiration comes from paying attention.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Many days we can trudge along, adhering to a schedule, doing what is expected of us. We have a routine covering our basic needs and obligations and we follow it. It’s likely okay and may even be satisfying, but probably doesn’t stir us much.

Then there are the inspired days, the ones where we feel full of power, energy, and vision. When we’re motivated in this way, we feel full of purpose. What we’re doing has meaning and we feel good about it.

Inspiration can come in many forms from external and internal sources. An example we want to emulate, a profound internal realization, a transcendent experience, another’s words rousing us to action—these are a few possible sources of inspiration. Whatever the reason, what we feel we need to do suddenly shifts and we are impelled to act.

Today’s message advises me that I don’t need to passively wait for inspiration to strike. I can generate my own creative impetus. By paying attention, by noticing what goes on in the world around and emulating the good I see, by sitting quietly and hearing my inner wisdom, by looking more closely at every day events to see their deeper meaning revealed–I can create my own inner fire. In being more open and aware to all aspects of life, I actively generate inspiration.

How about you? What’s your relationship to inspiration?