Cuddle up to life.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Some of us have learned, through difficult times, to hold ourselves somewhat aloof from life. We live at a remove, mentally and emotionally detached. It helps us avoid situations that could hurt us, or so we reason.

In filtering our experiences, we do limit the potential for any perceived pain. Unfortunately, we also mute the joy we might feel as well. Our self-imposed boundaries are indiscriminate, lessening the impact of all situations and numbing us to life.

Today’s message advises me to interact with existence up close and personal. In lowering my mental and emotional barriers, I interact with life more directly. As always, how I perceive and react to situations is a conscious choice for me. I can choose to focus on what I like and enjoy, but I will definitely find more to like when I cuddle up to life.

How about you? Have you erected barriers in the belief they will protect you?