Pleasure results from gratitude.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Some things in life just feel so good. Hugs (especially in pandemic times), warm sunshine, gentle breezes, well-prepared food, happy interactions with loved ones, favorite music—all these things and many more bring joy and fulfillment to our lives. Existence is rich because of pleasure.

When we take pleasure in something, our reactions occur because we’ve recognized and allowed ourselves to experience its positive qualities. So pleasure and appreciation, aka gratitude, go hand in hand.

Finding pleasure in an experience is, in religious terms, a form of prayer or worship. We are acknowledging life’s beauty and wonder and sharing our enjoyment with all creation through our interconnection in unified divine consciousness.

Today’s message reminds me to consciously up my gratitude quotient. When I am in the mindset of being thankful for most everything, I increase my ability to find pleasure in life. My gratitude brings me joy.

How about you? How do gratitude and pleasure correlate for you?