Holding a clear image of what we desire, we flow into it gracefully.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Mostly we have some idea of what we want. It could be better health, fulfilling employment, abundant resources, or an intimate and loving relationship. Whatever our desire, we also may have spent time imagining it, perhaps even in great detail. The more we’ve invested in visualizing, the clearer our image of the dream.

Once we’re clear on the details—perhaps a job we love with good pay and benefits and congenial and support coworkers, that challenges and fulfills us—what next? How do we go about making it happen?

That’s the catch: we can’t force it into being. Trying to stage manage manifestation only limits our resources and opportunities. When we’re confident in the outcome and consistent and persistent in our vision, we can be sure our desire will come into being at precisely the right time for us, whenever that may be. Allowing for creative and smooth fulfillment of our dream, we flow into being with it naturally.

Today’s message advises me that being clear and confident about what I want brings it into coexistence with me gracefully. The less I push and stress and the more I keep my image of my goal clear and consistent, the easier it is for my dream to fall into place. My ability to manifest arises from precision and persistence of vision.

How about you? Do you invest yourself in visualizing your desires?