Persistence beats out skill.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Many of us think we need to be skillful and seasoned to succeed. We feel that natural talent in a field of endeavor predicates achievement. Reluctance to try something we’ve never experienced is common.

Sheer, stubborn stick-to-itiveness is a quality we all can foster. It doesn’t require anything special of us. We just need not to give up easily.

Those of us with lots of talent or skill may stop trying if we hit roadblocks or unexpected difficulties. Going forward may seem to require too much unfamiliar effort. Those of us with persistence may try a few times when met with failure, adjust our approach, and then try again some more. Perseverance is essential to our ongoing success.

Today’s message reminds me that most things are achievable, even if I have no skill or aptitude in that area. Being consistent and persistent will be rewarded with results beyond what I might imagine. I can do many things reasonable well if I just keep trying.

How about you? Are you naturally persistent?