Moments of pure being feed our souls.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We remember peak times in life, times when we felt thrilled, astounded, mystified, and/or amazed. They’re indelible, significant moments that wowed us and brought us joy. These gems of experience stand out against the background of daily routine activities.

Our lives are also a loose chain of small, quiet, joyful times when all feels right with us and the world. To reach this place, it helps if we’re not preoccupied and aren’t doing much of anything. This could mean cuddling with a beloved human or pet, meditating, closing our eyes and simply breathing, or any other state that requires us to do absolutely nothing. When we detach from all the activity of everyday life, it’s easier for us to plug into the peace and freedom of the eternal divine.

Today’s message reminds me to give myself regular doses of doing nothing. Traditional farming methods fallow a field for a season to help restore its fertility. When I nurture myself with bouts of simply being, I empower myself to be more creative and effective in doing.

How about you? How do you feed your soul?