Expressing our creativity opens us to the richness of life.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all have both logical and creative sides to our natures. Our logical side helps us assess the outside world and decide how to interact with it safely, while our creative side allows us to share our inner self with it and experience joy in connection. Some of us are more logical, some more creative, and others a balanced mix of the two.

Healthy boundaries help keep us in right relation with others and life, yet taken to extremes can morph into barriers between us and the world, shutting us off from much of its beauty. Creativity allows to convert our soul essence into a form we and others can appreciate via our senses. Sharing our innermost selves may feel raw and uncomfortable at times, but this openness also frees us to more fully perceive life in all its rich and varied forms.

Today’s message reminds me that sharing my creativity isn’t only for the benefit of others. Doing so liberates me, helps remove my self-censorship, allows me to interact from the space of my true self more comfortably. When I’m open to revealing my gifts freely, creation responds in kind.

How about you? How comfortable are you in letting others see your creative side?

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