Undoing a previous decision is merely a choice.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. There are time when we rue a choice. What appeared to be a good, sound decision when it was made later seems to be ill-chosen. We may have opted for the wrong car, lover, or job on a larger scale, or on a smaller scale simply have painted the living room an unfortunate color.

Certain most decisions except suicide and parenthood—life and death matters—can be undone. The issue is that we tend to berate ourselves for choosing unwisely. Even if the information illustrating the unwisdom of our choice wasn’t available to us at the time we decided, we still may feel it was somehow our fault. We use our regret to beat ourselves up, often repetitively.

Our self-reproach is a burden, increasing the level of effort needed to reverse our decision. Often, in the case of lesser decisions like the living room paint color, the time and energy devoted to regret—over time—may equal or exceed that needed to undo our choice.

Today’s message advises me it is okay and healthy to go back on a previous decision, as long as I do so without shaming myself. Having made once choice, reversing it is merely another choice. Moving forward to leave behind a decision that no longer works for me and putting my energy toward a better choice frees me to focus on what makes me happy.

How about you? Are you comfortable reversing a decision?

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