Notes From The Awareness: 322

The beginning of a grand vision is merely a hint.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Any project, goal, or dream is based on a vision. That vision begins as a quick glimpse, a fleeting suggestion of what might be possible. This peek into potential intrigues us, capturing our interest and spurring us to flesh it out with more detail.

These hints of possibility are the seeds of our greatest inspirations. They are the basis for our greatest achievements, yet we may often ignore them in the busyness of everyday life. Our souls are sending us clues to our personal fulfillment and we may disregard them in favor of routine.

Today’s message advises me to devote some margin of time regularly to daydreaming. When I have regular time allotted for visioning, my constituent parts will be able to be heard and I can incorporate that input into the direction of my life. Hints from my soul help me blossom in unexpected and satisfying ways.

How about you? Do you allot yourself time to daydream?