Notes From The Awareness: 309

Out of our deepest fears come our biggest dreams.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all have our own personal demons, the fears that feel like they can paralyze us. The effects of these fears on us can be so overwhelming that we may repress them and the events spawning them. These personal demons can be so terribly frightening that it can feel like only bad things could arise from them.

And yet… Life has a divine sense of humor and is artfully efficient. Planted within us are seeds of dreams, soul-level yearnings to complete ourselves. These longings are personally tailored for each of us and the matrix in which they are seeded is made up of our worst fears. They’re designed to make us move past fear in order to fulfill them, and serve as an incentive to become who we desire to be by addressing what scares us profoundly.

Today’s message advises me to take a close look at any unfulfilled dreams I may have. What are the fears linked to them? Hw might I start to release these fears? In order to have what I most love and desired, I must address what I most fear.

How about you? How are fear and dreams related for you?