Notes From The Awareness: 302

Allow the good to shine through.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Each of us has had some tough experiences in the last year. We’ve struggled with losses and limitations, upheavals and unsettling events. These hard times have worn us down, now and then. Some days have been easier than others.

Things have been pared away from us—friends, family, jobs, health, social interactions. We’ve been left with bare bones versions of ourselves and our lives. This has forced us to focus on what is essential. We’ve been honed to show what is real and true about ourselves.

This whittling away has often been painful, but it has also revealed what is golden about us. We’ve rediscovered our practicality and inventiveness. Our compassion has been heightened. Our tolerance has been tested and hopefully has grown stronger in the process. We’re learning just how resilient we are and have developed new confidence. The cracks in us, as a result of our trauma and growth, are what allows our personal light to shine forth.

Today’s message calls for me to recognize all the good that has come about from the upsets in my life. In seeing the alchemy COVID-19 has wrought in me, I can recognize the traits I will want to consciously strengthen and radiate out. New light has been kindled within me and it’s time to share its glow.

How about you? What positive changes had been created in you and how might you spread their effect?